We want to invite anyone to our inclusive, compassionate and ever-growing community of recovery. Join us Saturday evenings at 5pm for our Celebrate Life Recovery Gatherings. Please Contact Us for more details.

About Us

Counselling Services

Freedom’s Path Recovery Society provides free one on one addictions counselling services and group treatment workshops for anyone interested or in need of specific or general counselling. The Pathway to Freedom Workshop addresses causes, symptoms, and solutions for living with unhealthy behavioral patterns, alcoholism and addiction.


Our Community

Celebrate Life Recovery is an alternative to the church of our fathers, mothers, and their fathers and mothers. We proudly fly the rainbow and Canadian flags, as not only a sign that we are an open and affirming community, but to identify ourselves as a place of sanctuary and love for all who wish to enter.


Participate With Us

We gather in the sanctuary for our service, which is always followed by a time of fellowship in the Wild Rose Hall should you fancy a coffee and conversation. Volunteers are happy to help should you require further support regarding A Pathway to Freedom groups, counseling, or any of the wellness options available at Wild Rose United Church.


Over 50 years of Ministry

Wayne Lewry began his ministry in 1966 with ‘Youth for Christ’ in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. He spent many years focusing the message of God’s unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness on young people searching for meaning in their lives. This took him to prisons, auditoriums, concerts, nightclubs, and schools; anywhere he could share his message of hope and transformation.

Wayne began his ministry at Central United Church in Calgary on July 1, 1991. He brought his unique blending of gifts and experiences in ministry to Central. His entire ministry of 50 years has been spent in evangelism, outreach and church planting. He then became involved in 12 step recovery. Soon after, one 12-step group became many support and recovery groups, along with a Sunday evening alternative service called “celebrate life recovery”. He has initiated a “grief support ministry” which continues to bring many new families in to the church. Wayne has had the joy of working in outreach / recovery ministry for the past 5 years with his son David Lewry.

A Pathway To Freedom

Since 1998, David has worked in many areas on the field of social work. His introduction came as program director of Inn From The Cold Society; a family homeless shelter in Calgary, Alberta. David was responsible for the evaluation, program management, and triage, for both families and individuals seeking food, shelter, and support during their stay. Over the course of his career David has specialized as an addictions counselor providing daily guidance for individuals attempting to abstain from alcohol, drugs and compulsive negative behaviors. In 2010 David developed a counseling and group treatment program called “A Pathway To Freedom.”

David presently works as a contract social worker providing counseling, group treatment seminars, funeral services, and speaks publicly regarding recovery from alcohol, drug, and behavioral dependency. David has found time to moonlight as a loss prevention investigator and as a special constable with Calgary transit. For more information on David visit his website